Old Palace Lodge No.7173


Cyril Spackman

Cyril Spackman was a man of many talents - architect, painter, sculptor, teacher, writer, Freemason.

In May 1952 Cyril was a founding member and the first Almoner of Old Palace Lodge No. 7173

Cyril also designed the Old Palace Jewel

The Original artworrk of the Old Palace Jewel, by Cyril Spackman which during 2011 underwent restorarion work, funded by Lodge members and completed under the guidance of WBro Peter Ashton.


The Hallstone Jewel 

The Masonic Million Memorial Fund Commemorative Jewel, issued to individual subscribers. The design was described at the time as follows:

“The jewel is in the form of a cross, symbolising Sacrifice, with a perfect square at the four ends, on the left and right squares being the dates 1914-1918, the years in which the supreme sacrifice was made. Between these is a winged figure of Peace presenting the representation of a Temple with special Masonic allusion in the Pillars, Porch and Steps. The medal is suspended by the Square and Compasses, attached to a ribbon, the whole thus symbolising the Craft’s gift of a Temple in memory of those brethren who gave all for their King and Country, Peace and Victory, Liberty and Brotherhood.”