Old Palace Lodge No.7173


Daughter Lodge

Why another Croydon Lodge?

At the time Millenary was in its planning stage in 1960 there already existed some 71 Lodges meeting at the Masonic Halls, Oakfield Road,with 14 of them containing ‘Croydon’ in their title…
Our Charter Master, W Bro Alf Wisby, penned the following note which was appended to the Minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 1972 -’This Lodge was discussed one morning early in September 1960 by W Bro Ernest Turner and Bro Leonard Aston, both ex mayors of the Borough of Croydon, and WBro Alf Wisby.  They talked of the apparent lack of Public support of the celebrations in connection with the granting of a  Royal Charter to the Corporation of Croydon 1000 years earlier and felt that perhaps the historic occasion could be perpetuated by the formation of a Lodge.  They also agreed that any qualified brother who wished to become a Founder should not be excluded because of differing political views.  Subsequently, a further 22 experienced masons were invited and accepted the opportunity to found what is now the Croydon Millenary Lodge.”The Provincial Grand Master was privately informed of the proposal and with his help and that of the Provincial Executive, the pleas and formalities were completed expeditiously and the Lodge was Consecrated on 16 December 1960.’
‘It was agreed that as several of the petitioners were members or had close connections with the Old Palace Lodge, that a request be made to it’s members to sponsor a Daughter Lodge under the name Croydon Millenary.  This was readily approved by the members of Old Palace Lodge.’

The Lodge Badge, which includes the former Arms of the Croydon Corporation, was designed by W Bro Spackman, who was the first Lodge Almoner.”You will probably be familiar with the name Spackman because he was a member of your lodge and also designed your past masters jewel as well as the hall stone jewel.
The recommendation would have appeared as an item on the summons of your regular meeting held on Wednesday 14 October 1960, when it was approved by the members present and signed by your master and wardens.