Old Palace Lodge No.7173


Priory School

30th November saw members of Old Palace present a cheque to the Priory School in Croydon as part of the "engaging the community" project. The school looks after special needs children from the age of 9 years up to 16 and will soon be moving to a brand new site in Croydon and become a "Woodland School". This will benefit the children with outdoor activities that will help them.

There is already a teacher who is being put through specialist "Forest Ranger" type training to accommodate this and the cheque of 600 is going towards weather proof clothing, outdoor sports type equipment and some new football goals.

Andy and Bryan were warmly received by the school at their assembly and to help the children understand why we were there the head teacher Jill Thomas put together a power-point presentation showing pictures of what the money will be spent on.

As part of the sponsorship deal the school is getting a plaque with our coat of arms made to show the donation from "Old Palace" and is appearing in the schools magazine and our website address is going onto their web page for the next 3 years.

Looking to the future one of our aims is to recruit new members to Freemasonry by showing the local community what we are about and what we do. Andy and Bryan have already spoken to some of the teachers and invited them to the Masonic halls. It is our hope that with this type of project we can form new links to increase our numbers.